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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Week 5: #12 The "Library" Elf will remind you!

Okay, let's all admit it -- even library employees sometimes forget to turn in their borrowed items on time!

The Elf will help take care of that problem by reminding you when items are due, when holds are ready and about to expire and will give you a list of everything you have checked out. Alas, it won't check under the seats of your car to find that missing DVD.

HCPL does provide a reminder service for library cardholders. If you are having trouble receiving notices or if you would prefer RSS or text messages, the Elf is the tool for you.

Discovery Resources:
Demo of Library Elf
FAQ of Library Elf

Discovery Exercise:

Register your library card (or cards) with Library Elf and track your items and requests. Post on your blog what you think about this service.

Submit your week 3-5 exercises for credit and bling.


Anonymous said...

Is anyone else having problems accessing libraryelf? I keep getting an error message :(

Pie Maker said...

I just tried to access Elf and it says the server is unavailable. Hopefully someone is looking into this.

iSTAR said...

iStar is aware of the Elf's technical difficulties. Please attempt the exercise and post about it on your blog, including if you were not able to get in. You will not be penalized for technical difficulties.

LibrarianLearningLots said...

Got in today..Friday a.m. at 8:30 a.m. LibrarianLearningLots