Welcome to iHCPL. This site was created to support Harris County Public Library's iHCPL Learning 2.0 Program; a discovery learning program designed to encourage staff to explore new technologies and reward them for doing 23 Things. The program is adapted from The Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County's Learning 2.0 Program.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

iHCPL - The Final Tally

By the Numbers...

  • 328 staff registered or 71% of the staff
  • 261 people completed the entire program (80% of registered participants)
  • 2610 Staff Training Hours were earned
  • 100% of the registered participants complete the program at 9 branches and 4 administrative departments: Aldine, Barbara Bush, Crosby, Katherine Tyra, Kingwood, Maud Marks, North Channel, South Houston, West University, the Director's Office, eBranch, Marketing & Programming, and Materials Selection-Adult.
  • 2500+ pieces of bling were sent out using hundreds of envelopes and thousands of labels.

Thanks go out to the iHCPL Team:
Melanie Atkinson Metzger - CYF
Daisy Camarillo - FM
Sandra Dies - ADM
Dave Eames - NC
Bruce Farrar - ADM
Mark Haywood - ALD
Shane Harris - TOM
Beth Krippel - ATA
Grace Lillevig - ADM
Monica Norem - CYF
Rhiannon Perry - LAP
Sandra Silvey - BC
Linda Stevens - ADM
Fay Wood - ADM

Special thanks to:
  • Beth for writing, directing, and producing the videos
  • A whole cadre of staff - who are too numerous to name - who acted in and helped out with the videos
  • Fay, Grace, Monica, and Rhiannon for reading and tracking thousands of posts
  • Abby Buchold, Grace, and Linda for packing and sending out bling each week.